Project Delivery Methods


Design–Bid–Build is the traditional delivery method owners choose for most of our projects. The owner will retain the engineer to design the project, once the plans are complete the owner will then bid the project, and the last step is for Cass Arrieta to build the project. Although we are not brought into the process until the project has been designed, we still analyze the plans and offer the owner any Value Engineering or Constructability ideas we may have.

Alternative Delivery Method

There are a variety of Alternative Delivery Methods that the owner can utilize. Cass Arrieta is well positioned to pursue these opportunities and build the right team for the project. In contrast to “design-bid-build”, Cass Arrieta can immediately bring value to the Client that chooses to use one of these methods. We work with the engineer and Client throughout the design process to provide a project that has been value engineered and designed around efficient constructability. All of which provides the Client a project with lower costs and schedule efficiency.

Emergency Work

Emergency work is top priority when public or private agencies call for immediate assistance. Our Corporate office has a 24-hr phone service that will contact our key people day or night. With our extensive company owned equipment list, full weld shop, mechanics, and vast manpower we are able to mobilize and mitigate even the most dire situation.